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Hoth World Boss Slain

Sentinel308, Feb 2, 12 8:07 PM.

We took down Two world bosses and almost a third tonight

Sentinel308, Feb 1, 12 11:36 PM.
Our guild Killed the Taris and Alderaan World Bosses. We got a little practice on the Hoth world boss, we will get him next time.


Coruscant boss crushed

Sentinel308, Jan 16, 12 7:33 PM.
We had a successful boss run on Coruscant! We crushed him. There will be more to come! I uploaded a few pictures to the gallery.


Guild Membership

Sentinel308, Dec 20, 11 10:14 PM.
Message Korrina on the server to get an invite if you have not gotten one yet.

SWTOR Keyboard

Sentinel308, Dec 19, 11 9:45 AM.
Check out the keyboard Razor is producing.

Welcome Guardians of the Republic

Guardians of Light will have a Commander, as well as an officer structure in place that will help develop and implement guild policy and structure. The entire legion will have a say in what way they want to take the guild. All opinions are valid, and are taken into consideration.

A guild is only as good as its members. Therefore, the guild belongs to the members. The Commander and Officers are there to enforce the people's will. Officers are there to serve, as such, if an officer is not performing his/her job adequately, they may be removed by a majority vote conducted by the guild.

We intend on being the best that we can in PvP and PvE. We want to achieve as much as we can, while still having a life outside the game. Life comes first, we understand that. As such, we wont be watching your play time. As long as you enjoy yourself, and the Guardians of Light enjoys you, everything will be fine.

The guild is looking for team players who want to contribute to the whole of the guild, with no drama. Self starters are highly sought after. Level and class is not an issue, the person behind the character is what matters. You do not have to be the best at PvP, you don’t have to know every intricacy of your class. If you have the capacity to learn, and the desire to excel, and two opposable thumbs, we will help you.

PvP Policy

Our PvP policy is a simple one. Red is dead. No quarter is expected, none given! We strive to be the best, crushing our foes the first time, every time. Our PvP officers will whip you into proper form in no time, leaving you with a thirst for blood. This thirst will leave some idiot sitting behind his computer screen hundreds of miles away cussing, as he throws his keyboard across the room in a fit of anger.

PvE Policy

End game PvE is an extremely important part of the game. As such, we strive to finish all content and bring in the much coveted loot that we all desire. Fortune favors the brave! Our raid leaders are experienced through multiple end game MMO's and we look to duplicate the successes of the past, here in the now.

About our Guild Administrator

Sentinel is a well established guild leader having ran multiple end game guilds in multiple mmo's. Sentinel first ran a guild in 2003. He established a Alliance guild in World of Warcraft. At a time where end game raiding required 40 man raid groups, he established two separate raid groups. Both of these groups cleared Molten Core on a weekly basis, when Molten core was the entirity of endgame. The WoW guild was also in the top 10 of the largest WoW guilds of all time, having over 500 members.


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